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Save Leigh Church - All Saints Appeal

All Saints Church is a Grade ll listed building which has been standing on Swan Lane since 1896. As with many of our remote churches throughout England, neither the small regular number of those who attend church services nor the diocese can afford the repairs and maintenance of the building.

Having paid for essential repairs recently, there is virtually nothing left in the kitty. The villagers have set up a fundraising group, not only to maintain the existing building, but also to improve it so future residents can make use of the church.

The long term plan is to turn All Saints Church into a multi-use building; not only a church, but also as a community venue where local groups and residents can make use of the building.

Before this can happen, several refurbishment works are required, including the installation of mains water, and ensuring the church pews can be easily moved and kept safe.


Good news!! The Diocese has said that in principle they are happy with us re-opening the south door and also with putting up the Eco Loo! We are at last making progress.

We have still got a few hurdles to get over – they need some more detailed drawings of the door and they also have some queries about disabled access, but I am confident we can answer these satisfactorily. It may still take a while!!

As I am sure you all know, we resurfaced the main entrance path before Christmas – we got a grant from the Parish Council and another that they organised from Wiltshire, plus some invaluable voluntary labour from people who live in the parish (you know who you are!)  so the net cost to us was about £700 – and the fantastic thing is that this was essentially covered by Cathy Skelton’s Leigh 200 Club! If you haven’t already re-subscribed for the next year, please do so asap – it is an amazingly effective low cost to our supporters initiative – and if you can recruit a few new members, please do so.


Great news! We have been granted planning permission to build a permanent toilet on the grounds at All Saints. This eco-toilet will eventually replace the temporary portaloo situated at the entrance. This is part of a larger plan to provide amenities to improve the usability of the church building.


A new footpath has been laid at the front of the church thanks to a joint grant from Wiltshire Council and Leigh Parish Council. This work has replaced an aging stone path, and has instantly improved accessibility to the building for all.


The Diocese has given approval for the Save Leigh Church team to examine the south door. This has been blocked up for decades, and will need to be opened up for use as a Fire Exit if the building is to be used as a public venue.

It’s likely the door will need to be replaced, however any replacement will need to match the existing appearance as the building is Grade II Listed.

The church pews have always been bolted to the floor. A few of the seats have successfully been uprooted without causing damage to either them or the floor.

A portaloo is now on site which can be used by the various groups who use the church. This is a temporary feature at the entrance gate.


Would you join a working group to come up with some plans to save our church? You do not need to be someone who comes to our services, just someone who wants to see the church available for the future.

Come along to our regular meetings if you would like to discuss some novel ideas for keeping Leigh Church open. We are a very friendly bunch who would really appreciate your input and opinions.

Don't let Leigh lose one of its last village assets and come and join the fun!

You can also find us on Facebook page - Save Leigh Church

You will not be asked to contribute to the cost of the church services.

Phone, text, email or write to the Church Treasurer, Hugh Thomas at Upper Waterhay Farm, Leigh, SN6 6QY, 01285 860488, 0771 201 9129, hugh@waterhay.co.uk and then come to a very informal meeting to exchange ideas.

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