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The Leigh village is geographically hampered when it comes to fast broadband, as the village sits at the end of three different telephone exchanges:

- The east side of the village uses the Cricklade phone exchange (01793)

- Waterhay, Swan Lane and Hillside uses the South Cerney phone exchange (01285)

- The west side of the village uses the Minety phone exchange (01666)

These exchanges are capable of 8Meg speeds for those close by, but as Leigh is at the end-of-the-line in all three cases, residents typically receive download speeds of 0.3 to 1.0Mbps. To put this into context, the worldwide average speed of all nations is around 5.5Mbps - the UK average speed is 19 Mbps.

Latest Updates - Voneus & Gigaclear: Two Upcoming Players:

Two companies which install Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps are considering connecting Leigh residents to their platforms!

Voneus is currently asking residents to show their interest on this Facebook page. The company specialises in setting up super-fast broadband for remote communities which have been ignored by OpenReach (previously BT). They have successfully set up fibre optic connections in Miserden near Stroud.

Gigaclear and Wiltshire Online are working on a roll-out schedule to expand our nearest super-fast point in Chelworth to cover houses in Leigh. Again, there is a link available where you can read up more on the company and register your interest. They are working on a plan to bring super-fast Internet to the Leigh before the end of 2020.

This is a new campaign which is still gathering it’s momentum - look out for more updates to follow soon.

Latest Updates - Cotswold Wireless: Community Wi-Fi

For those residents with 01285 and 01666 phone codes, Cotswold Wireless has been successfully operating in the area since 2014, and can offer access to wireless Internet speeds of approx 15 Mbps for all Hillside residents, and some Swan Lane and Waterhay homes.

You can order from them directly; call 0844 8040 484.

This service is unique - all other companies provide broadband via telephone lines. Cotswold Wireless has built it’s own wireless network which covers large parts of the Cotswold Water Park, North Wiltshire and Swindon.

If you cancel your existing broadband supplier to move to Cotswold Wireless, remember to keep your landline service (unless you opt for their business tariff).

(Map: Google MyMaps. Transposition (added by Cotswold Wireless) is indicative only)

Latest Updates - Open Reach (BT): Phone Lines

Great news for those of you living along the Malmesbury / Cricklade road… Fibre optic Internet services have arrived!

Residents with an 01793 number (east Leigh) should now be able to sign up for a fibre service from their regular broadband supplier.

We are aware the green box close to Chelworth crossroads is live, and homes within 2km of the crossroads should be eligible to sign up.

Internet speeds will drop the further away from the junction you are, but typically you could receive broadband speeds of around 10 Mbps.

This image indicates where we understand high-speed Internet is currently available. If you live in the east of the village, Chelworth or Cricklade, and have an 01793 phone code, search online for fibre internet providers.

Leigh residents to the west (01666), can you enlighten us?

We believe the green boxes in Minety have been upgraded to fibre, but we’re not sure if this connection stretches as far as the Leigh Crossroads yet? Does anyone with a Malmesbury phone code have access to fibre?

(Map: Google Earth. Transposition (added by Leigh-Village.co.uk is indicative only)

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