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All Saints Church

Originally built at Upper Waterhay in 1250 and then extended in 1430, All Saints Church was broken down stone by stone, transported by horse and cart, and rebuilt on Swan Lane in 1896. Only The Chancel was left behind following the relocation of the building.

Today, All Saints Church is part of the Diocese of Bristol, Upper Thames group - overseen by Reverend Judy Ashby.

Clearly, breaking a church down to it's original stones to be rebuilt was not a decision taken lightly, and documentation survives in journals and newspapers of the time discussing whether The Chancel and it's access should have been refurbished instead of being moved to more sturdy ground.

It was decided the move would benefit the community more, as the relocation would place the church next to the village school (now residential).

Regular services are held at All Saints Church - and the location is still used for special ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Larger services, such as commemorations, are usually held at St Sampson's Church in the nearby town of Cricklade. All Saints is also used by the Parish Council to hold community meetings.

Until recently, The Leigh also had a Methodist Church on the main (B4040) road which was built in 1867 and renovated in the 1950's. It is now closed.

Getting There

You can easily find All Saints Church. It is on Swan Lane; close to Hillside.

All Saints church is only manned during services or special occasions. The building itself is usually locked.

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