Leigh Village

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Snowy Road.jpgThere are two main roads which run through the Leigh, and a handful of lanes.

The B4040 Malmesbury Road runs east to west (or you could say west to east as the Cricklade Road depending on your viewpoint!). Also, there is the B4696 which runs from Cirencester (north, called the Ashton Road) to Royal Wootton Bassett (south, called the Braydon Road).

There is also Swan Lane which joins the Ashton Road (in the north of the village) with the Malmesbury Road (to the east), and is where you can find All Saints Church, the Hillside cul-de-sac and the old village school building. Swan Lane is just wide enough to fit two cars through, but there are some tight bends to be aware of.

To the north east is a road which links Waterhay and Ashton Keynes with the Malmesbury Road at the Chelworth crossroads. This road (which as far as we know is nameless) is home to several farms (Bournlake, Manor, Brook, Archers).

A single track road joins Swan Lane with this un-named road at the Waterhay junction. This road is called Waterhay and is where you will find the Chancel. Reference to Upper Waterhay is the north end of this road; Lower Waterhay is the end where it joins Swan Lane.

The main road into Leigh from Cricklade. Lanes in the village were only passable with a 4x4.

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