Leigh Village

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Recent History

It was around the turn of the twentieth century that the Leigh as we know it started to take shape. The church was moved, stone by stone, to a less swampy site on Swan Lane.

A new school and caretakers house was built next door (in the 1890s), and homes began to pop up both on Swan Lane and along the Malmesbury Road. Both the school and caretakers house are now privately owned dwellings.

In the early 1950’s – post World War II – there was a severe housing shortage in the area.

The Blakehill Farm RAF base (to the south east of Leigh) was closed in 1952 after just eight years of use as an aircraft training centre. It is now a nature reserve, and home to a wildlife hospital charity.

Families who worked and lived at Blakehill needed to be relocated, so new houses were constructed at both Hillside and along the Malmesbury Road. This was the last time a major development took place in The Leigh.

Village Information

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