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These pages show basic information about Leigh’s history, landscape, location and places of interest. We are constantly on the lookout for more input to feed into these pages.

Please contact us if you would like to add content. In particular we would love to start including old images and maps.

We have split the current content into twelve sections. You can select from the following categories:

Location Where in the world is Leigh?

Boundaries  How big is Leigh and who are it’s neighbours?

Churches - All Saints and The Chancel The curious story of why Leigh’s church was moved stone by stone, and why one part never made the journey

History - Leigh Manor  How the various owners of a small part of Ashton Keynes Manor helped to create the village we know today

Pronunciation  Leigh, Leigh, Lee, Lie, let’s call the whole thing off

Landscape  Why have so many mineral companies set up quarries close by?

Local Archaeology  Old records tell of an older village Woodrow which no longer exists

Public Buildings  No halls, no shops, no schools, so what does the Leigh have?

Farming  How agriculture shaped the village

Woodland  No woodland is left in the village, but that wasn’t always the case

Roads  There’s only a handful of them in the Leigh, but they all lead somewhere

History - Recent  What’s been happening in the Leigh in the last few decades?

Village Information
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